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Koerle Fragrant Pear
Koerle Fragrant Pear
Koerle Fragrant Pear
Koerle Fragrant Pear
Koerle Fragrant Pear
Koerle Fragrant Pear
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Alcohol (6187)
   Rice wine(7)

Aquatic Products (8093)
   Fresh Fish(26)
   Crabs, Shrimp, and Lobsters(4)
   Oysters and Pollock(2)

Baby Foods (155)

Bean Products (15461)

Beverages (3598)
   Energy Drink(20)
   Health/ Dietetic Drink(42)
   Coffee & Cocoa Products(11)
   Mineral Water(10)
   Alcohol beverages(12)

Bread & Biscuit (32030)

Canned Foods (5454)
   Canned seafoods(5)
   Canned Fruits(70)
   Canned Meats(2)
   Canned Vegetables(74)
   Canned mushroom&Truffle(35)

Cigarette & Tobacco (1453)
   Cigars and Cigarettes(19)
   Cigar and Cigarette Lighters(1)
   Chewing Tobacco(7)

Commercial Service (169)

Confectionery (1468)
   Chocolate & Cocoa(2)

Edible Fats & Oils (1096)
   Olive oil(8)
   Pig Fat(1)
   Soybean Oil(4)
   palm Oil(5)

Egg Products (1402)

External Trade (1560)

Fast Food (25)

Food Additives (4415)
   Acidity regulators(199)
   Bulking agents(9)
   Food Coloring(104)
   Flavour enhancers(44)

Food Agency (208)

Food Equipment (6250)
   Environmental equipment(19)
   Packaging equipment(55)
   Professional processing equipment(209)

Food Packaging (1601)

Food Processing (1419)

Frozen Foods (3783)
   Frozen Dessert(8)
   Frozen Fruit(43)
   Frozen Meat(4)
   Frozen Seafoods(44)
   Frozen Vegetables(42)

Fruits (6190)
   Apples and Pears(28)
   Bananas, Grapes and Melons(22)
   Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums(18)
   Citrus Fruits(35)

Health Foods (4707)

Honey Products (484)

Interflow of Commodities (28)

Meat & Poultry (3465)
   Beef and Veal(8)
   Lamb and Goat(6)
   Chicken, Turkey, Duck, and Goose(6)
   Rabbit, Deer, and Frog(0)

Milk & Dairy Products (1401)
   Butter and Cheese(3)
   Cream and Yogurt(3)
   Milk powder(20)

Mushrooms&Wild Food (1668)

Newly Developed Foods (28)

Noodles & Pasta (28)

Nuts & Kernels (2266)

Others (31552)

Pet Food (35)
   Bird Food(4)
   Cat Food(2)
   Dog Food(5)
   Fish Food(4)

Rice & Grains (1532)

Snack Foods (6279)

Special Local Products (374)

Spices & Seasonings (2984)
   Cinnamon and Clove(8)
   Ginger, Onion and Garlic(49)
   Soy Sauce(7)
   Salt and Vinegar(10)

Starch & Flour (1196)

Sugar & Sweeteners (102)

Sweets & Chocolates (2314)

Tea (3059)
   Green Tea(29)
   Black Tea(12)
   Bag Tea(16)
   Herbal Tea(27)
   Scented Tea(23)

Vegetables (5670)
   Dehydrated vegetables(111)
   Fresh Preserved vegetables(103)
   Frozen & Dried vegetables(46)
   Salted Vegetables(5)
   Spicy Vegetables(26)

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