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Coffee Beans  2007/8/6 15:20:57
vacuum low-temperature fry production process and keep the original flavor and nutrients of okra
Shanghai Jianyou Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Chlorophyll  2006/6/29 8:47:03
It is a kind of natural edible pigment extracted from clover, nettle, and silk-worm. The main compositions are chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, trisodium copper chlorophyllin cream. The bottle-green stic...
Qingdao Pengyuan Natural Pigment Research Institute
Cabbage Red Color  2006/5/23 10:45:38
It is a kind of natural edible pigment extracted from crucifer cabbage, whose byname is red vegetable. It contains anthocyanins, flavones and tannins. The amaranthine liquid or powder color is soluble...
Qingdao Pengyuan Natural Pigment Research Institute
camellia mushroom  2012/2/15 14:09:20
Nanyang Huayuan Food Company Limited is a processor and exporter of mushrooms and mushroom--like products as well as dehydrated vegetables,dried mushrooms,dried peppers and other foodstu...
Nanyang Huayuan Food Company Limited
Chao Moon Cake  2007/7/11 17:34:31
Gansu Dunhuang to 90% of the supermarkets and shopping centers with business contacts, sound sales network.
Jiayu Guan Shishifu Food Industrial Garden
Cucumber Powder (High Calcium)  2007/7/10 18:23:15
Jilin Health Food Co., Ltd
Cucumber Seed Powder  2007/7/10 18:22:12
Jilin Health Food Co., Ltd
Cucumber Powder  2007/7/10 18:21:35
Jilin Health Food Co., Ltd
CPO-210D Hydraulic Press Plier  2018/8/4 21:28:24
CPO-210D Hydraulic Press Plier
Scope: Power cable terminal crimping
Hydraulic crimping tool CPO-210D
1, the power cable wires connected with the hydraulic pressure is not easy to fall o...
luckma tools factory
CPO-300 Hexagon Crimping Tool  2018/8/4 21:28:21
CPO-300 Hexagon Crimping Tool

Product Name:
hydraulic crimping tool (strap safety set)

safety system inside
crimping range: 16-300 mm2
crimping force: 1...
luckma tools factory
CYO-400A Hydraulic pressure pliers  2018/8/4 21:28:07

CYO-400A Hydraulic pressure pliers

Product Description
Safety system inside pressure pliers
Crimping force: 13T
Crimping range: 400mm2 Max. Copper conductor size
luckma tools factory
CPO-150S Hydraulic Press Plier  2018/8/4 21:27:44
CPO-150S Hydraulic Press Plier

Product Name:
Hydraulic crimping tool (point crimping)

safety system inside
Open crimping head, rotate the die to choose crim...
luckma tools factory
Chocolate compounds  2018/3/24 0:20:37
?chocolate replacers based on vegetable fats, available in three alternatives of cocoa content: dark, milk and white chocolate compound coatings
?supplied in small pieces, for bain Marie?easy to m...
Chocolate couverture  2018/3/24 0:20:36
?the real chocolate taste joy, in easy to melt coins format
?available in various cocoa content, from the highest dark chocolate couverture with 69% cocoa content, till the very white chocolate co...
Cold glazes  2018/3/24 0:20:34
Cold glazes?ready to use cold glazes, for coating or topping confectionery or pastry products
?mirror shining effect, on all covered cake surfaces
?cold glazes create a uniform smooth glaze la...
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