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You Nian Golden Dragon Potato Flakes Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Product Name Potato flake (K040)
Product No. 106811
Product Class
Update Date 2007/7/17 10:22:39
Product Origin China
Supply Ability
Useful-life 1900/1/1
Detail Product Description :
This kind of potato flake is milled into powder. It can be widely used in Spaghetti, fast noodles, complex fallow; most of the baking food, such as cakes, biscuits, thin roast cakes, pine cakes, fried rolls, bread, dumplings, corn cakes, and also in the meat gravy, sauce and stew, use it to increase the dense. It used as the powder of fish, meat and vegetable; It used as the bond of meat and fish products; And is also can be used as pet food.
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