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Unique European source of fruit and vegetables info
Time: 2011/2/17 11:52:21 -
   Freshfel Europe has launched a new public website on fresh fruit and vegetables. With one click on a wealth of information on the positive aspects and assets of fresh fruit and vegetables can now be found. The launch of the website is one of the milestones of the recently launched Freshfel campaign to raise the profile of fresh fruit and vegetables and the sector behind it.

Building on recent efforts to enhance the image of fresh fruit and vegetables, Freshfel launched a dedicated and unique website to highlight the positive features of fresh produce last week in Berlin. The new website, accessible under, is a unique online platform to raise the awareness about the values and benefits fresh produce provides to consumers. Luc Clerx, chairman of the Freshfel Promotion, Communication and Image Committee, commented: "Fruit and vegetables offer a wealth of benefits to consumers, but those are hardly converted into commercial value. is therefore a significant step to move ahead, highlight these assets and change the collective unconsciousness. As consumption continues to stagnate across Europe, it is important that Freshfel takes the lead to boost the image of the category."

The information being available on this website is building on the expertise that has been provided by Freshfel's members at large over the past years. Ramon Rey, President of Freshfel Europe, stated: "I am pleased that Freshfel is today filling a gap and is taking an initiative that will benefit the sector while improving knowledge about the great products we are dealing with. This effort made by Freshfel has an immense importance and means a huge step forward in setting the records right for fresh fruit and vegetables. I am inviting everyone to visit this website and learn more about fresh produce." is designed for consumers, public authorities and decision makers, the media and also stakeholders of the fresh produce sector. It offers a bunch of easy to digest information and ready-made answers to a series of topical issues. Links are also provided to get access to more detailed information and complementary background knowledge. Sections about "production" and "quality" offer an insight into various production methods and into the range of efforts which are being undertaken by the sector to provide to consumers a high quality, good-looking and tasty product. Moreover, an own section is devoted to all kind of sustainability aspects, ranging from environmental ones to social responsibility. Visitors find furthermore facts on the nutrition and health benefits of fruit and vegetables via a product almanac and a health studies database. There is also statistical background information on production, trade and consumption patterns available as well as a section which is entirely dedicated to tips on how to enjoy fresh. Finally, a so
called "Did you know" section provides a look on other activities to raise the profile of fresh produce and the sector.

All sections of the website will be regularly updated and complemented by additional information and features over time. Sebastian Kruse, Freshfel's Communication Policy Adviser, commented: "Fresh fruits and vegetables have a great story to tell, unfortunately just too often it is not known. Therefore, as knowledge is missing and too often only imprecise and fragmented information can be found, education and information is all the more important. This is where steps in to spread the message why it is so great to "Enjoy Fresh Fruit and Vegetables". It is the only website in Europe which is not being limited just to certain aspects, but offers such a wide range of information and an in-depth look into the sector."

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