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China: "Citizens are experiencing a consumer awakening"
Time: 2017/12/19 16:26:07 -
"Because incomes have been increasing year on year, the awareness of agricultural products has been continuously growing, and e-commerce platforms have been developing very fast. Consumers are now experiencing a consumer awakening. Based on my observations, when purchasing fruit, the majority of people focus on three aspects: taste, healthiness and freshness," states Meng Ting, Purchasing Director at Wuhan Kiss My Fruit Agriculture Co., Ltd.

The representatives in front of a Kiss My Fruit store

A crowded Kiss My Fruit store

The young team of the Kiss My Fruit store

"In the past few years, large numbers of fruit chain stores have been emerging rapidly nationwide. However, there are only very few who are actually successful. I believe that, if you want to obtain a place on this market, the following two things are the most important. Firstly, traders must have a profitable method. Secondly, companies must have a capable and strong team that can maintain a constant company ideology to deal with the constantly changing products and marketing strategies."

Nature's Queen

The twins of Kiss My Fruit and Vizdan Xinjiang at a field

Hainan Hami melons

"Kiss My Fruit is our own fruit chain store brand. We have over 20 stores in Hubei, where we sell a large variety of premium fruit, of which 30%-40% is imported. To guarantee the reliability of our resources, our fruit is supplied through our own company supply chain 'Fresh Hunter'. Apart from purchasing seasonal fruit from places all over China, we are also striving to create our own products, such as the Nature's Queen from Panzhihua, Sichuan."

The twins of Kiss My Fruit and Vizdan Xinjiang at a farm

A Hami melon packaging showing day and night

The twins of Kiss My Fruit and Vizdan Xinjiang are carrying popular fruit

"Our fruit is mainly sold in Hubei, using both retail and wholesale methods. Apart from realizing our own sales, we also reached a strategic partnership last year with another fruit chain store in Hubei: The Shine Orchard. They are in charge of the expansion of the stores, while we are the supplier that provides them with safe fruit. Currently, Kiss My Fruit is looking to join hands with suppliers of high quality products as well, so that consumers can enjoy more fruit."
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