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Shanghai Lane Agriculture Trade Company
Date:2007/7/30 11:18:35

Shanghai Lane Agriculture Trade Company founded in Nov. 1998, being reformed from former Vegetables and Byproducts Company. It is group owned leading agriculture company in Zhujia Town, an aged town in southern China.


The market is comprised of vegetables distribution center, trade center, export-oriented vegetables processing factory, scientific service center etc. Since its foundation, it is cared and supported by officers of different sections in local government. It is invested by government 8 million yuan, which enlarges the marketĄ¯s scale and management staffs. This helps establish nice social reputation and great benefits to company.These 2 years, the company has been honored by local government twice.


By now, the vegetables distribution and delivery certer takes about 2,600 m2, refrigerator takes 800 m3, 12 transformation cars, 36distribution staff. Since 1999, the market has signed distribution and service compact with Fudan University, Shanghai Business College, Zhongshan Hospital College etc. This kind of distribution service has reached 80,000 person offers per day, 20 tons per day. It has been certified as Shanghai SchoolsĄ¯ vegetables supplies and distribution certer.


The market has 6,000 acres dry-land vegetables planting basement and 8,000 acres water-land basement, with total production amount 40,000 tons, 30,000 tons of which are exported. For years, the company has no accidents of vegetables and byproducts safety and quality.


Address: No1603, Zhufeng Road, Zhujiajiao, Qingpu District, Shanghai


Post code: 201714


Contact person: Liquanyun


Tel: 021-59835223


Fax: 021-59831918




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