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Fujian WuWei Wholesale Market
Date:2007/7/24 12:07:16



Fujian WuWei Wholesale Market takes 300 acres with total investment 80 million yuan.


The market  is comprised of several sections: vegetable; fruit; flowers; aquatic products; frozen products; scientific service. It is connected with some other markets through internet in order that the internet business pushes the market to develop, and these keep production, storage and sale in line with other markets.


The market meanwhile is directed by market’ s need, supplied by peasants, and guaranteed by basements. This kind of operating mode faces the challenge around the nation, developing local economy and peripherals, aiming to become the largest one in northwest area.


The market is estimated that the annual transaction amount is about 500,000 tons in fruit and vegetables, 15,000 tons in oil, and 30,000 tons in frozen products, with all trade 800 million yuan. About 1,500 booths can be arranged. There are 5,000 employees. Now the market project has been worked out successfully under investment 17.5 million yuan.


Address: No1, Ping yuan, Jinyang Town, Liangzhou Zone, Wuwai City, Fujian Province


Post code: 733000


Contact: Mr Dong


Fax: 0935-2211228


E-mail: hd@wwncp.cpm



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