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Food Special Market
Qingdao Huazhong Vegetables Wholesale Market Co.,Ltd.
Date:2007/7/23 16:43:28

This market is rebuilt and established in Feb 2002 upon the former Cangkou vegetables wholesale market. It opened in 1996. After 8 years development under governmentí»s help and guide, it has become a symbol of carrier of local government to carry out policies. This finally helps supply the vegetable to citizens and repress market pricing; guarantee quality, maintain consumersí» health and rights. 

The wholesale market is located in the north of Qingdao city, near Chongqing Road. It is one of the 3 largest wholesale market in Qingdao. The facility and condition of it are excellent. It has 33,000m2 stainless iron shed, 8,200m2 trade area, 1,000tons refrigerator. There are several sections include: vegetable; meat; fruit; aquatic products, cooked meat, and other food supplies.

The market has 93 employees. The market has set a network service of Manager Room, Finance Room, Market Management Office, Security Office, etc. which are providing dealers excellent services. It has been honored for times by local governments, and in 2002 was honored by Shandong Province. Now the market is positively trying a new management mode in order to improve service to a higher and modern level.


Address: No484, Chongqing Middle Road, Qingdao City, Shangdong Province


Post Code:266041


Contact person: Zhangshaopeng


Fax: 0532-84635320




Amount of Booth: 1000


Category of Booth : Vegetable. Meat, Fruit, Aquatice product, Seasoning, Foodstuff...


Occupy area: 50000 Square Meter


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