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Zhejiang Shaoxing City vegetables fruit wholesale market
Date:2007/7/18 14:46:00



Shaoxing City vegetables fruit wholesale market located in Shaoxing City Road East and Vietnam on the 1st block area of 123.4 acres. Shaoxing City is located in the planned business center, planned for the southeast of Shaoxing Hong Kong, North Paojiang Industrial Area, He finishes for the southwest Metro.


The company was established in 2003, the registered capital of 60 million yuan. It s a collection of vegetables, fruits, cereals, oil, food, bean products, aquatic products, eggs, seeds and other agricultural materials for a modern multi-purpose agricultural product wholesale enterprises, Shaoxing City is the biggest vegetable wholesale food distribution centers and information centers. Since the creation of enterprises, has been taking to promote the industrialization of agriculture, increase the degree of organization of production responsibility, and taking "market, Base peasants "road circulation and marketing, and farmers to establish a reliable and stable profit-oriented mechanism Implementation of corporate profitability and increase the income of the farmers win-win situation.


The company's existing regular staff of 145, including professional and technical staff of 30. Enterprise total assets 152.98 million yuan, 93 million yuan in fixed assets. In recent years the market turnover and the turnover into a rising trend year by year, the 2005 market transactions amounted to 820,000 tons, achieve turnover reached 1.28 billion yuan. Second, the corporate goal of positioning and service functions of the face of the escalation of the agricultural industrialization process of the rapid progress, operating households continued expansion of the scale of agricultural modernization and the development of new wholesale market trend existing market need to expand the size of a modern professional market direction.


Address: No.200, Yuedong South Road, Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Province


Post code:312000


Tel: 0575-8013957


Fax: 0575-8203914






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