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Jiangsu Lingjiatang Market Development Limited
Date:2007/7/16 9:49:33

Jiangsulingjiatang Market Development Limited (formerly Jiangsulingjiatang agricultural wholesale market) is the Ministry of Agriculture sentinel Wholesale Market market, in 2004 the successful restructuring. Market in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, west of the south side of Ling contaminated overpass, which is located on 312 State Road, Sheung Li River Line and Outer Ring Highway Intersection. and the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, the Grand Canal, Changzhou closely linked to the airport, founded in September 1992, operating from Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei more than 20 provinces (municipalities) of vegetables, fruits, cereals, oil, aquatic products 10 categories over 1000 varieties, radiation Su, Zhejiang, Anhui and eastern China, in 2004 transaction volume reached 6.568 billion yuan.


Jiangsu Province has become the largest wholesale market for agricultural products is important eastern region distribution center of agricultural products, prices, National top 100 ranked fourth in the market of agricultural products. Ling contaminated market through 13 years of establishment and development, the market is now covering 288,000 square meters, forming "a District 6 Street (vegetables, fruit, grain and oil, food, dirty food, Example propaganda and the aquatic center Street), "the operating patterns, car parks, financial, health care, warehousing, Qin meal service facilities complete, and marketing facilities in grades improve, the transaction has continued to improve. In 2003, the establishment of an electronic control system, internal LAN market, on the line of property management system software, Electronic unified settlement software, human resources management software, and development of detection of pesticide residues management software, System information is a commercial building demonstration units.


The market has passed ISO9001 : 2000 international quality system certification, establish a business operators and consumers to the new service concept, as in Jiangsu Province civilization pacesetter. Market strive to deepen the industrial management of agriculture in the country to establish a base number of 60, led 15,000 rural brokers, promote rural transport 12,000 households, leading farmers to reach more than 30 million households, market by the state Department of Agriculture and other ministries identified as eight industrialized agricultural state-level key leading enterprises. According to Changzhou City of Changzhou overall planning and development of modern logistics planning, Ling contaminated market will be expanded to 639,300 square meters, is expected to invest 802 million yuan. Market purpose : Local and nationwide; Survey information, invigorating circulation; Services in urban and rural areas, promoting productive. Market spirit : unity pragmatic, service-orientated; Aiba love and dedication to fulfill; Pioneering and innovative, first-class pursuit. Market quality policy : "standard, efficient and thoughtful" first-class service "fair, just and open" civilized management "clean, work, dedication, "the staff look" clean, orderly, safe, "the market environment .


Address: South side of the Crossroads, Lingjiatang, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province


Tel: 0519-3880058  3282168


Fax: 0519-3880880  3281797





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