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Beijing Xinfadi wholesale markets
Date:2007/7/9 17:44:40


Beijing Xinfadi wholesale markets for agricultural products, founded in May 1988, originally an area of 15 acres. 15 management staff, startup funds 150,000 yuan, and even the barbed wire fence are small farm produce market. After 18 years of construction and development, Beijing has become the largest trading of agricultural products wholesale markets professional, Similar market in the country also has great influence.


Market now covers 1,370 acres, with a total construction area of nearly 150,000 square meters. managed more than 1,100 personnel (including more than 400 security guards), with a total capital of nearly 420 million yuan.


 Operates mainly vegetables, fruits, seeds, oil, meat, aquatic products, non-staple food, spices, eggs, tea and other agricultural products, is a punishable vegetables, Wholesale Fruit of the leading national center for agricultural products wholesale markets. Existing fixed pitch more than 3,200, more than 4,800 customers targeted, the daily traffic volume of about 12,800 (), flow of 40,000 people (). The approach of peak throughput vegetables nearly 900 million kilograms Fruit nearly 10 million kilograms. In 2006, all types of agricultural and sideline products market total transaction volume of 6.05 billion kg, the total transaction amount of 15.1 billion yuan, NYSE volume in similar markets nationwide which ranked first, the second highest volume of transactions. Vegetables, fruit of a broad supply of the city has a total demand accounted for nearly 70%. annual pay for the state taxes and fees over 1,200 million, Beijing is truly the "food basket" and "fruit plate" and the local tax one of the big enterprises.


Over the years, the spirit of the market "to allow customers to make a fortune, for the market development" purposes, strict management and warm service. He won the "National civilized market", "Beijing civilization demonstration market." "Agricultural Industrialization key state enterprises," and the honorary title. Prosperity in the capital of the urban and rural economy, protect the public "basket" supply, led the farmers increase their income and get rich country has played a very important role.


 Zhang Yuxi market helm the same time China's agricultural product market association, Chinese Vegetable Association vice president, and other social functions. Because of their outstanding contributions, he won the "Beijing market management, advanced workers," "Jingjiao economic development of advanced personal," "Beijing labor models", "the suburbs of Beijing economic development 'X' Outstanding typical," "China's fruit and vegetable industries Ten outstanding figures", "Chinese rural outstanding 'village officer'." "China's outstanding entrepreneurs operating integrity", "China's agricultural product market building, especially meritorious people", "National Rural talents" and many other awards. April 2005 by the State Council, awarded the "national model" title. To meet the needs of market development, in September 2003.


Market organizers in accordance with the modern enterprise system founded to a new agricultural Limited, the total registered capital of 100 million yuan. Companies clear ownership structure, management rights and responsibilities are clearly defined, with an independent structure of corporate governance and financial accounting system. The establishment of the new market next to a standard, large-scale, modern direction lay a solid foundation. Chairman Zhang Yuxi carrying all staff, warm welcome to domestic and foreign businessmen to come to the new settlers, do business, make a fortune.


Address: South of crossroads, yuquan district, xinfadi, fengtai,Beijing

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