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Beijing Baliqiao agricultural wholesale center
Date:2007/7/9 17:26:45



Beijing Baliqiao agricultural wholesale center, is based on the original Ministry of Domestic Trade and the Beijing municipal government's decision, approved by the State Planning Commission to conduct a national-level wholesale markets, as well as the capital of the "basket" of key projects. Market by the central enterprises commercial enterprises Corporation and Beijing Lu AMEX trade group, will invest 150 million yuan in 1998 opened.


The market is located in Beijing's famous historical commodity distribution -- Tongzhou District, 17 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square. away from the capital airport 11 km, built in Beijing between the ring and Sixth Circle Expressway, from the back-to-back road of the capital Beijing with four ring roads and urban connectivity, the market for the North and South respectively Beijing - Harbin, Beijing-Shenyang Expressway and the 102, 103,111 three countries in Beijing, is ideally placed to it. Market covering 400,000 square meters, of which own land 260,000 square meters and a building area of 99,000 square meters. business area of 150,000 square meters, 10 total transactions Hall Chamber of fixed pitches over 2600, more than 1,000 temporary stalls. Market a project of water, electricity, heating, roads, car parks have been completed and put to use. and built a processing 400 tons of sewage effluent disposal sites automatically. a handle 200 tons of garbage litter the floor closed, equipped with first-class equipment pesticide residue testing centers and network information center. 2 projects 100,000 square meters of trading space and 50,000 square meters of trading houses has already started, will be delivered by the end of October to use. Field construction of a living area, dining, entertainment, telecommunications, communications, banking, transport and other service providers.


Marketing facilities in the domestic market is similar class. Market section on agricultural products, building materials and household items three business areas, operating grain, fruit and vegetables, aquatic products, meat, poultry, eggs, non-staple food, drink beverages, spices, building materials and department stores in 10 major categories of more than 20,000 varieties, daily admission transactions flow of motor vehicles reached more than 5,000 vehicles, the prices of main Beijing and across the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and Autonomous Region. 2005, the market transaction volume 673 million kilograms, the volume of transactions 2.21 billion yuan, Jing-dong is the largest integrated agricultural centers.


Market is the State Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of Agriculture spot market, State Economic and Trade Commission and other ministries eight of the "Green Project" The first batch of pilot wholesale market, Beijing is also designated "safe food franchise green zone" offer the market, won the "capital of a civilized market," the honorary title. At present, the market is the government's support, through further improve operating facilities, strengthen internal management, improve service levels, work together with businesses to create "safe dealer market", "management were satisfied with the market," "Consumer confidence market" and "Management Modernization market" struggle.


We sincerely welcome the operators of the market settled, am anxiously awaiting the partners at home and abroad to create the great cause.



Address: No 4, Jinlong Street, Tonghui North Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing

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