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Service for Sellers to check my postings?
2.when will my postings appear on foodqs?
3. how long is the expired period of the buy offer? to get good feedbacks from your postings? to post buy offers?
6.what kind of buy offers can be posted on foodqs? to check my postings?
     We set different priority of message processing for different members. please check here for details. Or you can check your postings by following steps: Login member area and check the latest message/product list to see if your message is there. Input some keywords on our website and see if your message or products can be searched there. Login member area, and check your message status. It may state as "Not Yet Approved", if we did not have your messages/products processed.                       
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2.when will my postings appear on foodqs?
    If you are a trial member, all your postings will be processed within 24 hours. And for premium members, the postings will be processed within 8 hours. During processing, if your messages did not meet our requirements, we will delete them and send you an email with the information of message not approved. In this case, you should re-post your messages in the member area. Special Notice: We will not approve repeated messages, so please be patient before your message being approved.

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3. how long is the expired period of the buy offer?
    Each buy offer posted in our system is assigned with an effective day/expiration day, counting from the date of posting. When the expiration day is reached, your postings will be deleted directly from our database.

                                                                                                                                     [Back to Top] to get good feedbacks from your postings?
    Before posting an offer, you may consider an important question that how to get better response from those qualified suppliers and widen the way of your partnership on business. Now we are giving you some suggestions as follow:
1.Post your detailed requirements on products, such as specification, size, feature, quantity, payment, delivery time etc.
2.If allowed, you can attach a photo of your targeted products on your buy offers.( optional, this service is only available for premium members).
3.Make sure your phone number, fax number and email address are correct and in use, as suppliers will contact you by these information.
4.Update your postings periodically to keep the information fresh and higher ranking in the list. P.S: Repeated postings are not allowed.

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    You can post your buy offers directly in our "Want to Buy" column without registering as our member. However, in this way your buy offers will be treated as our exclusive offers and all your information will be released to our trial members after 24 hours. Our premium member can view your buy offers as soon as we approved them. After your offers enter into our system, you cannot modify them anymore and they will be deleted from our database within three months.
Or you can signup as Foodqs member and post your buy offers in the member area, In this way, you can modify/delete your buy offers at anytime you want.

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6.what kind of buy offers can be posted on foodqs?
    In all of following cases, the buy offers can be posted on our website. 1.Manufacturers look for raw materials, semi-manufactured products.
2.Trading companies look for hot sale products or Purchase department of governments, major corporations, chain stores etc.
3.Companies look for business services and office equipments.
4.Retailers, distributors and agents look for various products;
5.Companies look for investments or business cooperations etc.

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