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Shanghai Jianyou Industrial Co.,Ltd.
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Apple juice concentrate
Description: the inspection result of our apple juice concentrate: <br> Brix: 70? <br> Total acid(as Malic acid): ≥ 0.7 <br> PH: 3.2-4.3 <br> Clarity(625nm,12BX):≥ 96 <br> Color(440nm,12BX):≥ 70
Pear juice concentrate
Description: technical indexs of our pear juice concentrate: <br> BX: 70? <br> Total Acid(as citric acid):≥0.3 <br> PH: 3.5-4.5 <br> Clarity:(625nm, 12BX)≥90 <br> Color(440nm, 12BX):≥40
Green tea drink
Description: chosen brand green tea and made with special care refine, our green tea drink in greatest extend keep the original flavor and nutrients.
Black tea lemon
Description: Black tea with lemon taste could refresh you and is the best choice for relaxation.
Jasmine tea drink
Description: our jasmine tea have the unique flavor of jasmine and could refresh you after tiredness
Oolong tea drink
Description: This oolong tea is made with special care refine and chooseing the brand oolong tea, keep the original flavor. it is the best choice for relaxiation.
Black tea no sugar
Description: with the black tea flavor, no sugar design make you could enjoy it without worry.
Vinegar Drink
Description: our vinegar drink includes collagen, royal jelly, vinegar, apple juice, honey and kinds of vitamine. just as known, collagen is the key material for keeping skin young and beauty. Royal jelly has been regarded as the best health care natural product ...
Dry sweet potato
Description: sweet, delicious and natural dry sweet potato, your best snack food choice
Dry persimmon
Description: sweet and delicious, healthy snack food
Total 12 | Page 1/2
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