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 Our Service
 For Buyers:
 To search China products & make contact with China suppliers in Product Directory,
 To post trade leads, request or Offer to Buy in Offer Board,
 To get premium support in conducting trade with China suppliers through Trade Service,
 To access various kinds of information and functions freely after joining
 To find out reliable and competent China suppliers by employing the premium service of Audit Reports.
 For China Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters:
 To add products and company information in Product Directory,
 To search global buyers or their request in Offer Board,
 To get guaranteed search result ranking by TopRank,the most popular advertising service of
 To get exposure on homepage by Spotlight Exhibits, the advertising service of,.
 To get more attention and trust from global buyers by Audited Suppliers, the standard on-site audit
 service of
 For Global Suppliers:
 To add products and company information in Offer Board,
 To search global buyers or their request in Offer Board,
 To get product and brand promotion by BannerPro, the advertising service of
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